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Cult Classics Album Breakdown 28

Van Morrison – Moondance (1970) In unusual fashion for a largely positive review, I’m going to begin by bashing the artist involved. Van Morrison is one selfish mother-fucker. There you go. Now I’ve got you wondering, haven’t I? Well, let me take you back to 1999. I was sixteen years old, heavily into music, and […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 27

JJ Cale – Shades (1981) In my hometown of Southport, near Liverpool, there is a wonderful independent record store called Quicksilver Music. It was in there, about ten years ago, that I happened to wander when Shades by JJ Cale was pulsing over the speakers. I knew instantly that I had to have it. It just had […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 26

The Verve – Urban Hymns (1997) When you’re short of a record that you know everybody will like, Urban Hymns is always a great choice – triumphant and upstanding in any company, and spanning a wealth of musical genres. This now legendary record is a landmark in 90’s popular culture, and in my opinion, shits all over anything Oasis […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 25

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool (2016) Radiohead, as a concept, is a tectonic plate – constantly shifting, constantly tense, constantly threatening to explode. They are so far out on the edge, still, after all these years, that they’re gripping our reality by a thread. I’ve learned to love that about them. every time they […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 24

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998) It was initially a joke that prompted a mate of mine to give me this album. He was convinced that I was so anti-hip-hop I wouldn’t even take it off him, let alone listen to it. Forever willing to be challenged, I took it and put it […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 23

Black Sabbath – Paranoid (1970) Let us all, for just ten minutes, try to forget what our old friend Ozzy Osborne has become. Let us try to forget that this Hard-Rock music pioneer and cult legend has reduced himself to a reality-TV cartoon character complaining about poodle-poo. Yeah, it’s funny – but it’s not Rock’n’Roll. […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 22

Paolo Nutini – These Streets (2006) When I cam out of university I used to work at a rather shitty little shampoo wholesalers, ironically enough, delivering hair and beauty products to salons in a little white van. I’m the most unlikely white van man ever, and my hair and beauty speaks for itself. Despite totalitarian, […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 21

Tom Russell – Hotwalker (2005) So, what’s a hotwalker? Well, it’s a person (usually a stable-hand) who walks a hot, sweaty horse after a workout, or a sprint on the racetrack. Tom Russell has an interest in people for a start; much of his music is observational, or tributary, or reflective. But he also has […]

The Impact of no Live Music on Mental Health

I want to begin by referring to a study carried out by Behavioral Scientist, Professor Patrick Fagan, who, with the backing of wireless company O2, found that music improves our emotional wellbeing by more than 20%. Music is also likely to help us live longer. Yes, that’s right. He’s saying that popping down the pub […]

Cult Classics Album Breakdown 20

Beth Rowley – Little Dreamer (2007) Born to missionary parents in Lima, Beth Rowley is a woman of the world who has paid her dues. She started at the very bottom, navigating the Bristol music scene, playing in pubs and clubs to those who don’t necessarily want to listen. She also studied under Soul singer, […]


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